Hello, everyone!

All movie audiences love a wizard’s story.

Maybe some of you can guess the title of the movie I love.

It’s Harry Potter.

It’s a fantasy movie, and it stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Glint and Emma Watson.


The story takes place in imaginary place in an imaginary time.

However, we know it’s based in England.

J k Rowling is the other of the famous book that the story is based on.

H’s about a young boy called Harry, who noticed he is a wizard.

He entered a magic school and grew up.

One day, he was aimed at by an enemy.

He defeated the enemy in the end.

There were things I liked about Harry Potter.

The cinematography was incredibly realistic.

The background is very beautiful.

There was nothing I didn’t like.


Overall, I thought harry Potter was absolutely fantastic.

My recommendation is: See it in a movie there with your friends.

It is will be even more exciting if you do.


Thank you!


Hello everyone!!

Have you ever cooked crepe?

I’m going tell you how to make a crepe.

Because of recommended in the person who likes sweet the one.


Before you begin, you need a egg, flour, milk, sugar, and butter.

First, put 60 grams of flour and two big spoons sugar into a big bowl and it mix it.

Next, put in a little milk at a time in all add 120 ml and one egg into a bowl and it mix it.

Then, put in one big spoon melted butter into bowl and it mix it.

After the mixture is prepared, pour it thinly into a frying pan and cook gently for a few minutes.

Scrape of the crepe with a spatula.

Be careful not to tear it.

Finally, add your favorite fruit etc, on top of the crepe, to complete your sweet treat!


So that’s how to make a crepe in five steps.

Remember the five steps, and you’ll do it easily every time.

Thank you for listening!


Hallo everyone!!

I’m going tell you about hou to make a Crape.

First, flour and egg  is put in the bowl and it mixes it.

Next, it puts sugar in and it mixes it.

Then, milk is put in little by little, and so as not to harden, it mixes it.

After that, butter is melted and it puts it in the bowl, and it mixes it.

Finally, when it is thinly burnt and a favorite fruit etc. are dished up on that, it completes.

Thank you for listning!




How many of you have play tennis and gone to a summer camp?

Well, I was enough to have that experience.

I had this experience in summer vacation.

I went to Yamanaka-lake for 1 week.


I played tennis and took lessons every day.

I played a match and games.

I played sparker.

It was very enjoyable.


I lived a full life during that time, and I learned a lot of new tennis skills.

My tennis experience made me very happy!


Thanks for listening!